This is the Wildlife Outreach Foundation's official website. It is our hope that all who navigate through this site find information, knowledge, and an overwhelming desire to help us benefit wildlife and reach future generations with our conservation efforts. Feel free to browse the site. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.


Greetings! First thing's first. Obviously, there's a new version of the WOF website. Thanks to countless hours and dedication, Christian Hall has yet again surpassed expectations. The new site looks great and everyone is excited about it.

We were recently invited by Libby Heartfield, Director of the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science, to participate in another airing of Creature Comforts on MPB Radio. Thor came along for the visit and had a few things to say. You can hear the segment on MPB Online, just go to Creature Comforts.

Now, on to monetary issues. Folks, needless to say, in an economy like we're experiencing now and with the unemployment rate as high as it is, donations for any non-profit are scarce or non-existant. We here at the WOF have set forth goals that require vast amounts of funding and these goals cannot be reached until that funding is achieved.

With the proper donations, endowments, and grants, the WOF would be significantly embedded in the core structure of its home state. It would be able to provide a physical location that would require permanent positions, along with internships and partnerships with educational institutions as well as other opportunities. Bottom line -- we need funding, and any amount from anybody would help greatly intensify the reality of our goals much more quickly at a time when it's needed. Please look for us this August at the Mississippi Wildlife Federation's Wildlife Extravaganza or any time we are appearing at the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science. Hope to see you there.